Your Sales & Marketing Teams Should Be Working Together, But Something Is Broken.

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leads acquired by marketing are completely ignored by sales.

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sales reps struggle to or never find the content they need to send to prospects.

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companies only say their sales and marketing teams are strongly aligned.

High-Performing Companies Don’t Have This Problem.

Companies with aligned marketing and sales practices generate 209% more revenue from their marketing.


When sales and marketing collaborate, customer retention increases by 36%, and they see 38% higher sales-win rates.


Companies with a strong alignment between marketing and sales see a 20% annual growth rate.

(Aberdeen Research Group)

How We Can Help Align Your Teams

The path to achieving sales and marketing alignment is different for every business. That’s why we have a lot of ways we can help.

Build a Data Warehouse / Dashboard

Create a single source of truth for critical data from your website, CRM, and project management platforms.


Design an inbound strategy

Serve the needs of your personas, provide valuable information, and gain their trust with a unique approach customized for you.


Design a outbound strategy

Define personas and make them addressable by running test campaigns to validate key hypotheses.


Validate your customers

Use Steve Blank's Customer Development Methodology to test product-market fit.


Produce videos to nurture & convert

Nurture your leads and close more sales with custom video content produced to convert.


Manage and optimize your outbound campaigns

Improve the performance of your email and LinkedIn outreach with ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and optimization.


Why Choose GO10X as Your Partner

We’ve Worked with Hundreds of Companies Just Like Yours

We do our best work with growth-oriented businesses that have aggressive goals and small (1 to 5 person), committed marketing teams.

GO10X is Powered by The Global 10XERS Network

At GO10X, we not only attract the best talent, we retain it. That means you’ll always have motivated, peak performers working hard for you.

“My goal was to inspire a content marketing culture and launch a new mindset in every person on the team. I didn’t expect the results to be this big!”

And we love working with you, Krista!