Because not everyone should work together …

Who We’re NOT a Good Fit For at 10xBiz

When it comes to any type of business, there is one reality many folks don’t necessarily accept:

There is no such thing as a “good fit” for everyone.

Yep, it’s true, which is exactly why we freely admit 10xBiz is NOT for everyone.

Here at 10xBiz, we know who we are. We know where our strengths and weaknesses lie. And we also know what a “good fit” and “bad fit” client looks like.

Each day, multiple companies from around the globe, some big and some small, contact us for assistance with their Inbound and Content Marketing efforts. Because of this, and so as to save everyone time, we’ve made a list of the types of organizations we feel we don’t bring value to:

We are NOT a good fit for your company/organization if…

You’re looking to outsource 100% of your marketing. (Because we teach companies insourcing at 10xBiz, our methods are always a “team effort” between consultant and organization– leveraging the power of employees to create an incredible, in-house content marketing movement.)

You’re not willing to “think big” when it comes to content marketing. (Frankly, at Go10x we want to work with the best of the best when it comes to content marketing, which means companies must be committed, hard-working, and willing to think outside the box.)

You’re looking for the lowest price consultant. (Clearly, there are many “consultants” that will charge less than we do at Go10x, as well they should. So if you’re basing your marketing consultant on price alone, please know we won’t be a good fit.)

You don’t deal well with constructive feedback. (We feel it’s our obligation to always be 100% frank, honest, and concise with our marketing recommendations to clients. That being said, not everyone receives feedback well when their website, web copy, and digital marketing strategies are being discussed.)